E-reputation, website, paid advertising campaigns, customer experience and loyalty.

OTA platforms will stop at nothing to divert your customers.

However, with Doyield, we manage everything from SEO to Google Ads to Bing Ads to Meta Search like Tripadvisor and Trivago to prevent OTAs from taking over your brand.

Boost your hotel.

Valuing direct marketing: up to €120k in annual savings on OTA commissions

Boost your hotel with our winning duo: Revenue Management and Direct Marketing. Our senior RMs and marketing experts work together to increase your RevPAR and minimize your OTA commissions. Your annual savings can reach up to 120k.
This perfect synergy between pricing strategies and targeted marketing actions optimizes every aspect of your offer: RM, e-reputation, website, paid advertising campaigns, customer experience, customer experience, loyalty, etc.

Pavillon Monceau Hotel

The collaboration with Doyield was a decisive turning point, significantly improving our performance and our occupancy rate. Their expertise in digital marketing and revenue management has redefined success in the hotel industry for us.

Web site.

Each page of your website optimized to encourage direct booking

Doyield sets up your hotel site, transforming each of its pages into a real machine for promoting direct bookings. We manage everything, from the selection of the web agency to the client audit, so that your site converts in the best possible way. With monthly performance monitoring and strategic adjustments, your site improves month after month to maximize your direct bookings.


Thanks to Doyield, our hotel is committed to modernization and the adoption of up-to-date strategies, generating a positive dynamism that is felt on a daily basis.

Brand protection.

Stop having your brand stolen again!

OTA platforms will stop at nothing to divert your customers and take ownership of your brand. Doyield's “Brand Protection” campaign experts take back orders and, thanks to their tools, prevent OTAs from picking up your direct customers. We manage everything from SEO to Google Ads to Bing Ads and Meta Search like Tripadvisor and Trivago.

Monsieur Hotel & Spa

With DoYield, we achieved an occupancy rate close to 100% while improving our RevPAR, a remarkable success.


From the first to the last action, optimize each stage of the customer journey

At Doyield, we always start by building a robust customer database. It is crucial for loyalty and the personalization of the experience. By collecting detailed information and creating accurate Personas, we are laying the foundations for fully understanding your customer base.

Avama Prony Hotel

Our collaboration with Doyield was decisive, allowing us to refocus our attention on welcoming and serving our customers with excellence.


An excellent e-reputation converts 96% of Internet users

96% of Internet users assess online reputation before making a purchase decision. A solid strategy is therefore no longer an option; it is becoming a necessity.
Our top-notch strategy includes collecting feedback, proactively managing reviews, and encouraging positive feedback. In this way, we can optimize your online image so that it reflects the quality of your offer. Thanks to our rigorous monitoring and our continuous strategic adjustments, your e-reputation becomes a powerful asset and interests materialize in bookings.

Rose Bourbon Hotel

The presence of Doyield has been a major asset, offering expert advice and support in a variety of areas, allowing our hotel to exceed our initial expectations.


Loyalty strategies.

Your new growth driver with Doyield

By focusing on targeted communication and the redesign of your loyalty programs, we reduce your acquisition costs and increase the share of loyal customers who book directly.
Our proven methods and personalized communication strategies successfully encourage the return of your past customers. Engaging in loyalty with Doyield means choosing profitable and sustainable growth for your turnover.

Pavillon Monceau Hotel

Doyield's expertise in digital marketing has allowed us to adopt much more sophisticated strategies, significantly increasing our occupancy rate and building customer loyalty.